Caitlin Bernhard

Caitlin Bernhard is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Cannabis Medicine and Holistic Wellness. She is a Holistic Wellness Coach and has a background in Family Medicine, Hatha Yoga, Massage and Bodywork, and Herbalism. She comes from Western Massachusetts, where she returned after practicing massage and bodywork while pursuing her second Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nursing at Pace University in NYC. She enjoys cooking with seasonal whole foods and general kitchen witchery, gardening, travel, and forest bathing. 


Holistic Wellness Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coaching can help you get to where you want to go. In focused sessions, we tackle overall wellness goals and challenges, behavior patterns, daily tasks—anything you’d like to change! No subject is too large or too small. We work together to determine your goals, and I support you as you make progress at your own pace. By discussing the roadblocks you encounter, we develop a deeper understanding of what these obstacles offer you, and how you can move through and learn from them. This work can also be combined with Reiki, and wellness or cannabis consultation as needed.

Cannabis Consultations

Cannabis has been used by humans for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Informed use of cannabis can help manage chronic pain conditions, aid with anxiety, and assist in cancer-care, among many other benefits. It promotes homeostasis, or balance, in various body systems. Alongside a growing medical consensus, more and more people are realizing that cannabis can do a great deal for health and wellness promotion. Patients have said the change in their quality-of-life is “like night and day” and “a life-saver.”


But cannabis affects everyone uniquely: What’s effective for one person may not be for someone else and could even cause a negative reaction in a third. Working with a cannabis consultant can help you to safely navigate the various cultivars, terpenes, cannabinoid ratios, dosages, potential drug interactions, and other factors that influence efficacy, while focusing on your individual goals and outcomes.

Wellness Consultations

There are many factors involved when it comes to managing your health and wellness. Body movement, nourishing foods, stress management, and work-life balance are all pieces of the unique puzzle that is your wellness plan. Alongside my medical knowledge, my years of experience with Hatha Yoga, Reiki and Bodywork, Herbalism, and whole food kitchen witchery allow me to take a personalized approach to your health. I see everyone as a unique individual with various strengths, desires, and needs to fulfill.  We will work together to find a wellness plan that is tailored to you and your needs, driven by your desires and goals, and most of all, fun and easy!


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of health, wellness, and Cannabis. I can cover the basics or discuss more specific topics, such as management of women’s health issues, chronic pain, insomnia, cancer care, and more. 


First and foremost Cannabis is an herb, and as such it can be grown at home and made into home remedies. All you need are a few supplies (provided in the workshops) and you can make your own tinctures, edibles, oils, and salves. Cannabis can be combined with other medicinal herbs and ingredients as well – the sky is the limit! Learning to make your own medicine is a great way to connect with this lovely plant while empowering yourself to take control of your own wellness.



"Caitlin was a pleasure to work with. Having Insomnia and anxiety issues, Caitlin helped me recognize daily behaviors that contributed to these issues and guided me on a path to recovery. 

Caitlin is easy to talk to, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and professional.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her in the future."

— K.R.

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